Belize Cave Tubing and zipline private tours

Belize Cave Tour Adventures:

Belize offers many magnificent opportunities to explore the ancient Mayan underworld. With a series of ancient ceremonial caves, some featuring human remains, pottery and crystal skulls, Belize has increasingly become the go-to destination for Belize cave tours, Belize cave tubing, Belize Zip Line or a combination of the Belize Cave Tubing and zipline  adventures.

Our Belize Cave Tours include the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (popularly known as the ATM) and regarded as the #1 "Top 10 Sacred Caves in the World" by National Geographic, Barton Creek cave, and Caves Branch. Some of our Belize Cave Tours Adventures involve hiking, swimming, wading and crawling, proving to be one of the most adventurous things to do while in Belize.

Premier Travel and Tour Belize offers tours for almost all attractions on the mainland. We can provide tours to: The Belize Zoo, "the best little zoo in the world", jungle walks - day and night, and almost anything on the mainland you are interested in doing.

Belize Cave Tubing Adventures:

The Belize cave tubing adventure is done several places in the country. Visitors can experience a journey of a lifetime into a dark but mysterious place and learn about the Mayas who utilized these caves from as early as 300 A.D.

Our beautiful jewel country is one of the few places in the world to offer Belize Cave Tubing, and it is the most popular tour available for cruise ship passengers. Many say that our Belize Cave Tubing Adventure Tour was the best tour on their whole cruise. We wish to stress that safety is high on our priority list for our Belize Cave Tubing trips.

Let Premier Travel and Tour Belize take you to explore our beautiful country, a land filled with many natural unspoiled wonders and beauty.

Belize Zipline Adventures:

Our Belize Zipline Adventure is the best and safest. The Belize Zipline Adventure is fun for the entire family. Our Belize zip line canopy tour is designed to last approximately 3 hours. This includes an hour drive from Belize City to the zip line site. When we arrive at the zip line site we will have a short restroom break. The Belize zipline adventure is fun for the entire family. It begins with a ten-minute hike through the Belize rainforest to the base of the starting platform where you will be fitted into a harness that will allow you to connect securely to the overhead cables which make up the zipline system. You will also be provided with gloves and a helmet for added safety and comfort. You will then climb up a stairway for about 30 feet to the top of the first platform. Once there, one of the guides will assist you in connecting to the overhead cable and you will begin.

There will be a guide on every platform to assist you with landing and taking off. The entire course takes about 40-60 minutes. After the zip line tour will be driven back to the City. We will be passing the Belize Zoo. You can add the zoo to the day’s activities if you like. We don’t sell the zoo as a tour since we will be passing whilst doing the zip line canopy tour. All you need to do is pay your entrance fees ( $15.00 ) and we will do the tour of the zoo with you. The price of our tours vary depending on the number of persons booking. This because we offer strictly private tours.

Age Requirement:

5 years or older (small children may be able to do the zipline in tandem with a guide).

Waist Limit: 44 inches:

If you can fit securely into the harness you will be able to do the zipline.


Tours and Travel Belize. Tours & Travel Belize Maya Ruin Tour in Belize City offers a variety of ancient Belize Mayan Ruins archaeological attractions for visitors to explore. More sites are being discovered and excavated all the time, contributing to an increasing understanding of the ancient Maya world.

While Belize was once thought to be on the fringe of the Maya civilization, recent discoveries has led to the conclusion that Belize was, in fact, at the centre of Maya civilization for much of Maya history.

Archaeology students working in Belize joke that just about anywhere you scoop up a trowel full of dirt in Belize, you are likely to discover something! The truth is that there are archaeological sites of significance in virtually every district in Belize and the remains of smaller, lesser known fishing, pottery, chart and salt production centres all over the country.